How to purchase

There are several ways to find the products and services in the catalog.

You can choose one of the categories or you can use the search tool, which will allow you to find the results corresponding to your needs.



Once you click on a product / service you will see its tab. The product sheet offers you: a description of the product, a list of its features and the technical sheet.



Once you have found and chosen the product as previously described, you can purchase it by clicking on the 'Add to cart' button.

The cart summarizes in a few lines all the information you need: the list of products chosen, the quantity and the price.

Adding a product to the cart does not imply the purchase. The functions Empty cart, Update cart are available and you can also leave the purchase pending and log out by clicking on the "Exit" button. At the next access, the user will find the cart "full", with memory of the previous choices