Aesthetic treatments

Doctor Cesare Brandi, Surgeon Specialist in "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery", Professor and Researcher of Plastic Surgery School at University of Siena and Director of the Master of Aesthetic Medicine (Ma.ME) of the University of Siena, offers his performances at the Medical Area of the Farmacia della Condotta every Thursday, by appointment.



- Treatment of cellulite, stretch marks and skin flaccidity

- Rejuvenation of the face and décolleté

- Reduction of varicose veins and capillaries of the legs

- Treatment and care of difficult wounds

- Treatment of alopecia

- Reduction of facial wrinkles

- Diets



 - Carboxytherapy

- Fillers

- Botulinum toxin

- Mesotherapy

- Aspotation of neoformations

- Trans dermal


For appointments:

Tel. +39 348 85 04 707


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